A Seer Sees From Behind the Eyes


“We don’t see the sector as it’s miles; we see the sector as we are.” Anais Nin

When I turned into fourteen, all I wanted turned into to dispose of my thick eye-glasses and wear contact lens. I was so close to-sighted I should barely see my hand in the front of my face. I begged my dad and mom for contact lenses, however with six kids, my appears had been no longer a priority. My grandmother encouraged me to just accept my fate and be affected person. “There is more to peer than the outdoor,” she said. “There’s intensity in the whole thing. A Seer sees from the interior out.”

Twenty-5 years later, by myself and sporting contacts, the wisdom of Grandmother’s message have become clear inside the Goblin Valley of southern Utah. “Please include me to the renewal retreat,” my close pal Sherry pleaded. “It’ll be every other first rate adventure with Shaman Americo. Tell me you’ll move.”

“Bad timing,” I stated reflecting at the kindred spirits we’d been with the preceding yr on a shamanic journey excessive into the Andes with Don Americo Yabar, a Peruvian mystic and poet. “I’d like to reconnect with the organization, who went to Peru with us, however I’m scheduled to negotiate a commercial enterprise settlement in Boise, so, I’d need to depart the retreat early.”

Sherry agreed we would pressure to the retreat, spend a few days after which we might head back to Boise. On the 4-hour adventure south from Salt Lake into the excessive barren region wasteland, Sherry’s funny stories filled our travel. Laugh traces swirled round her eyes, this joyous soul sister.

As we drove into the Wasatch Mountains, leaving the densely populated valley at the back of, a wave of comfort eased business issues in my mind. We descended from the high benches of the mountains into the desolate tract of the San Rafael Swell wherein cacti unfold over the terrain, sage fragranced the fall air and red rock walls ruled. The changing topography hinted of the inner shift to come.

Sherry and I have been the final of the thirty participants to arrive at the campsite near Goblin Valley State Park. A barren region clothing store had erected large tents for trendy mens glasses napping, consuming and meal instruction. Just after dark, we discovered the organization rotated around a huge campfire. The blazing fire popped with the heady scent of cedar.

“Waiki! This feels like a homecoming.” Americo greeted us, his dark eyes shining within the dim mild. His diffused electricity changed into magnetic. Small-boned, latte coloured pores and skin, his black curly hair turned into tamed through his properly-worn fedora. Don Americo spoke a mixture of Spanish and Quechua, the native language of the Q’ero, the remaining descendents of the Inca. His foreign tongue stronger my connection to his mystical teachings. “Sit.” He lightly advised, motioning together with his palms as we joined the circle.

I took a deep breath. This does sense like a homecoming. My eyes scanned the circle. Directly across sat Big Bad John, a retired army officer who had spent his life preventing global battles. His big frame became layered with a conventional button-down collared-blouse and sweater, his demeanor critical. His hands crossed tightly over his chest, as if shielding his coronary heart. Close-cut. Dark hair sprinkled with grey contrasted along with his ruddy face. “Something interior me is afraid. Even after facing terrorists and dwelling to inform approximately it, I have no peace.” John turned into answering the why-are-you-right here question.

Alester, a rugged young guy appeared secure in his wooly inexperienced sweater, hiking boots and denims but his unshaven face regarded stiff and frozen. “After our last adventure, once I returned domestic to Ireland, I knew that the Andes was simplest a starting.” He paused and stared into the fireplace. “The beginning of what, I’m now not sure. But, I’m prepared to hold this journey into connection with Pachamama.”

The institution sighed on the point out of this sacred phrase. Pachamama, is the Quechua term for mom earth. Our travels together had taken us into the Peruvian highlands. We had stayed with the indigenous people of Mollomarka who live in stability with Pachamama.

Wind swirled the hearth, blew white smoke over the tall rocks and up in the direction of the rising moon, Mama Quilla. Gwen, wrapped in a magenta scarf, spoke subsequent. Her quiet shy voice matched her sensitive capabilities. “I need a cleaning. My electricity is out of whack. I cry all the time and take the whole thing in my view. I experience disconnected from my spirit.” Around the circle, oldsters nodded in agreement. Her spherical blue eyes spilled huge drops as she looked at every pal.

In the Andes, the local people do not differentiate among appropriate and horrific. All power is both sami, mild, or the other hucha, heavy. Heavy strength feels unsettled, sick or out of sorts. The organization electricity felt hucha, heavy. Maybe this wasn’t going to be the vacation I had imagined.

“How often do you push aside the internal understanding of your heart, and believe simplest your head?” Americo puzzled us. I felt my spirit teacher’s presence as strongly as if he’d reached throughout the hearth and touched me. What am I going to say? Under my conscious mind I intuitively knew it turned into time to move ahead. Was I equipped to delve deeper into inner steerage?

“Once we begin the internal journey domestic, Spirit continues to call us,” Americo stated. What if I lose it? Am I crazy? Americo’s black eyes seared via my cognizance. He targeted beyond my fear. Then I knew, this retreat turned into the maximum important vicinity in the international for me to be. This Utah retreat was the continuation of the religious adventure we would begun a 12 months in the past, excessive in the eastern Peruvian slopes. How may want to I have recognised that this group and Americo might work collectively for any other six years?

My voice quivered. “I’m gaining knowledge of to accept as true with,” I stated. “This is an ongoing, collective enjoy. It’s about more than me.”

Americo persevered. “The Q’ero were non secular advisors to the Inca. They are weavers of a religious bridge of love, among cultures and past what people revel in as time. Are you willing to settle into your being and start?”

“I’m willing to let pass of my time table,” I stated, understanding that Sherry changed into willing to head or stay. “I want to live on this circle.” Still, I trembled and thoughts jabbed my consciousness. How will I pay my loan if I don’t get this settlement? Turning my returned on business is irrational! What am I wondering? Fear gnarled my belly, but, I recalled different non secular pastimes where I’d let cross of fabric matters – a protracted-time period corporate job, the manage of my person children – and I had lived nicely thru the exchange. Be cautious of your own struggling because it’s clean to love it, Americo’s phrases popped into my head. Secretly I yearned to recognize the dynamics of control and give up – the philosophical foundation of this Peruvian instructor.

As the campfire blazed, Americo danced on the rocks and spoke in his poetic, sing-music Spanish. “Everything is connected,” he said. “The rocks to the timber to the celebs. Humankind has forgotten that ALL is One and that the universe is flawlessly orchestrated to a rhythm we now not don’t forget.” Aha! My teacher is here to unteach me. “Remove the thoughts,” he stated. “It is best intended to serve the coronary heart.”

The mind is supposed to serve the coronary heart. That statement set me right into a tizzy. Layers of cultural beliefs and inbred push-to-obtain patterns began falling away, like lifeless leaves from a tree. The feeling of give up was much like the release I’d had whilst we’d been close to Apu, the mountain spirit of Peru.

During the ten days and nights in the Utah desert, bodily nourishment was stuffed by using the outfitter’s scrumptious meals, at the same time as Americo fed our spirits. He thrilled in surprises. He asked us to run like rabbits escaping a cougar. He instructed us to find a hiding vicinity inside the rocks that felt like our personal nest in nature. He planned an all-night time trek of which we were unaware.

We automobile pooled to Goblin Valley State Park. Burnt orange sandstone formations with sheer cliffs and tall spires, carved through anc